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The senakulo is a traditional Filipino dramatization of the life and times of Jesus Christ. Done in song (pasyon) and recitation, it is presented in the public squares in many towns during Lent. 

From this original senakulo evolved the modern drama form. The latter form  was adapted in 1993 by the Pangkalinangang Kilusan ng mga Taga-Morong (PAKITAMO), the local cultural society in Morong, Rizal, for a more comprehensive presentation of the story.  

The play entitled "Ang Tagapagligtas" is largely based on the four gospels. It shows Christ's nativity, His youth, His  public  ministry, suffering, death and resurrection. Fictional  characters and dialogues are used as details to link the gaps left open  in the Bible. The play is in three acts - one act presented each night from Holy Wednesday to Good Friday. A verse is sung in the traditional pasyon manner as prologue to each act. 

PAKITAMO has organized a theater group to undertake the annual presentation of the play at the town plaza. The production cast and crew  are composed  of people from the different barrios of Morong and include students and teachers, doctors  and laborers, other  professionals and out of school youths. 

Aside from its objective to develop  artistic  talents, the PAKITAMO-produced senakulo aims to preserve tradition, to promote brotherhood and to spread true Christian values through the theatrical  presentation of  the New Testament. 

The year 2005 marks the 12th year  of the new senakulo in Morong. With financial, material  and moral support  from townmates and friends here and  abroad, the senakulo - a beautiful Filipino Christian tradition, a dramatization  of the story that changed  the world - continues to be performed in Morong, Rizal, Philippines. 

Scenes from Senakulo 2005
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